Masterful Craftmanship

Church Road wines are crafted using the best quality fruit from vineyards across Hawke’s Bay. Together with traditional winemaking techniques and modern thinking, we are dedicated to creating exceptional, award-winning wines. Learn about our beliefs that make up the philosophy behind our winemaking. 

Our wines are meticulously crafted to achieve exceptional quality. 

We are dedicated to perfecting the details behind the art and science of winemaking, investing time, learning and experimenting as we forever hone our skills. With vineyards in some of the best sites across Hawke’s Bay, we grow a range of varieties to the highest viticultural standards and select only the best fruit.

Church Road Winemaking

We know when to trust our instinct.

Each wine varietal has its own character, it’s own rhythm. It’s an art form to get right, takes years to master and still there’s an element of listening to your inner voice and being guided by instinct. Knowing exactly how much new oak to add given the vintage variation from one year to the next, requires passion and intuition.

Church Road Winemaking

We never stand still.

The vineyards of Church Road Winery were the first to craft exceptional quality Bordeaux-style red wine in Hawke’s Bay. It took a focused attitude to make wines that could hold their own against the world’s best. Since then, we have continued to create highly acclaimed, award-winning wines by using outstanding fruit from vineyards across Hawke’s Bay, and a combination of traditional and modern winemaking techniques. These are techniques we have been continuously refining and improving ever since.